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In a year like none other, our world needs a hope like none other.

We need the hope of Christ. 

That first Christmas night shined in its simplicity. A humble family in search of a place to stay. A busy innkeeper who simply offered a bed of hay. That night the heavens rejoiced, as the Savior of the world was born, and true hope came in human form.

Maybe we all need to return to the simple. Focus on serving one family, meeting one need, in the name of our Savior, and rejoice together with heaven as Christ is glorified.

This year, we are asking each of us to…

Find. Discover. Meet. Share.


Pray for who God wants you to serve this season. Maybe someone on your 8 to 15. A neighbor. Co-worker. Even a family member. If all the people in your circle are doing well, call your local school. Ask Mansfield Mission. Call Bridges Safe House. There are so many different points of rescue if we all do the work of searching.


Once you know who the Lord has given you, begin to find out what their need is this year. Are they lonely? Bummed there aren’t any Christmas activities this year? Do they need groceries or Christmas presents? Maybe they need a bill paid?


Now you’ve found your family, discovered their need, and you’re ready to meet the need. If it’s something you can easily do, like invite them to join you at the Christmas Movie Night or buy a few Christmas presents or groceries, do that. God gives TO us to give THROUGH us. We also realize you might discover a need that is larger than your resources. That’s where we want to partner with you. We can help. But we can only help if you tell us! Use the form below and LET US KNOW! We will connect with you.


We want to celebrate with you and give God the glory for how He provided! Walk us through when you started to pray for the family God wanted you to help, how you found and connected with them and discovered their need. And how you were able to meet their need. You can share as little or as much as you’d like. We simply want to praise the Lord with you! Click the button below to tell us your story!